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101396 FEBI BILSTEIN 101396 FEBI BILSTEIN alyvos atskyriklis, karterio alsuoklis Alsuoklis MB Actros MP4, Antos, Arocs

techninė informaci:
Please check and compare the outer diameter of the
currently fitted oil separator turbine wheel.
CLC 167 000P CLC 167 000P alyvos aušintuvas, variklio alyva Alyvos aušintuvas MB Actros MP4, OM470

bendras sertifikav:
PREMIUM LINE - OE Quality for customers expecting the
The core dimensions / product measurements of the different
manufacturers /vendors might be different due to various
production technologies. These dimensions / product
measurements are not an indication for the performance or
the correct fitting accuracy of the product itself.
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